Winners List

Past winners of the John Ciardi Prize for Poetry

The Resurrection Machine by Steve Gehrke, selected by Miller Williams 

Kentucky Swami by Tim Skeen, selected by Michael Burns 

Escape Artist by Terry Blackhawk, selected by Molly Peacock 

Fence Line by Curtis Bauer, selected by Christopher Buckley 

The Portable Famine by Rane Arroyo, selected by Robin Becker 

Wayne’s College of Beauty by David Swanger selected by Colleen J. McElroy 

Airs & Voices by Paula Bonnell, selected by Mark Jarman 

Black Tupelo Country by Doug Ramspeck, selected by Leslie Adrienne Miller 

Tongue of War by Tony Barnstone, selected by B. H. Fairchild 

Mapmaking by Megan Harlan, selected by Sidney Wade 

Secret Wounds by Richard Berlin, selected by Gary Young 

Axis Mundi by Karen Holmberg, selected by Lorna Dee Cervantes 

Beauty Mark by Suzanne Cleary, selected by Kevin Prufer 

Border States by Jane Hoogestraat, selected by Luis J. Rodríguez 

One Blackbird at a Time by Wendy Barker, selected by Alice Friman 

The Red Hijab by Bonnie Bolling, selected by H. L. Hix 

All That Held Us by Henrietta Goodman, selected by Kate Daniels 

Sweet Herbaceous Miracle by Berwyn Moore, selected by Enid Shomer 

Latter Days of Eve by Beverly Burch, selected by Patricia Spears Jones 

Dark Braid by Dara Yen Elerath, selected by Doug Ramspeck 

Past winners of the G. S. Sharat Chandra Prize for Short Fiction

 A Bed of Nails by Ron Tanner, selected by Janet Burroway

I’ll Never Leave You by H. E. Francis, selected by Diane Glancy

The Logic of a Rose: Chicago Stories by Billy Lombardo, selected by Gladys Swan

Necessary Lies by Kerry Neville Bakken, selected by Hilary Masters

Love Letters from a Fat Man by Naomi Benaron, selected by Stuart Dybek

Tea and Other Ayama Na Tales by Eleanor Bluestein, selected by Marly Swick

Dangerous Places by Perry Glasser, selected by Gary Gildner

Georgic by Mariko Nagai, selected by Jonis Agee

Living Arrangements by Laura Maylene Walter, selected by Robert Olen Butler

Garbage Night at the Opera by Valerie Fioravanti, selected by Jacquelyn Mitchard

Boulevard Women by Lauren Cobb, selected by Kelly Cherry

Thorn by Evan Morgan Williams, selected by Al Young

King of the Gypsies by Lenore Myka, selected by Lorraine M. López

Heirlooms by Rachel Hall, selected by Marge Piercy

The Owl That Carries Us Away by Doug Ramspeck, selected by Billy Lombardo

When We Were Someone Else by Rachel Groves, selected by Hilma Wolitzer

Stone Skimmers by Jennifer Wisner Kelly, selected by Stewart O’Nan

One of Us by Scott Nadelson, selected by Amina Gautier