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Feet of the Messenger

H. C. Palmer


82 pages

ISBN 978-1-943491-10-0

Published 2017

This book explores Palmer’s experiences as a medical doctor, especially as an army surgeon in the Vietnam War, and his feelings for and memories of his native Kansas, especially the Flint Hills. Although he has only been writing poetry for twelve years, Palmer’s work reflects decades of discovering how the war kept coming back to him, even on the prairie.

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Prior to a career in internal medicine, H. C. Palmer was a battalion surgeon in the American War in Vietnam. He has also been a cattle rancher. He founded and leads a writing program for veterans at the Writers Place in Kansas City, and his work has appeared in such journals as New Letters, Ekphrasis, Narrative Magazine, and War, Literature, and the Arts. Feet of the Messenger is his first book.